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FEBRUARY 2017 MEMORY PROTOCOL - an independent report by Investigator C.Dresbach

(The least have understood, that what Author C.Dresbach describes are the closest and most thorough looks onto modern séance room-, resp. ectoplasmic phenomena, ever recorded. 
They can in their thorough- and brightness easily be compared with rare historical quality descriptions of séance-room phenomena in a whole.
This is in in every case revived modern expression of séance-room tradition in Europe and so is Dresbach chronicling it. 
In so far, Dresbachs observations are unparalleled and due to his existing capacity of intellectually processing and describing them to the outstander, intriguing.
From the thorough German text we have shortened very small parts for the translation, because they have been described thoroughly before and are marked with (.)!)

Once more we were invited to join a deep trance séance with Kai M.. Present was a promising heterogeneous group built from new sitters and as well of experienced ones. The following is a memory protocol!

MAINLY FOR THE NEWBIES...there was a thorough introduction
Mainly for the newbies there was a thorough introduction being given by the medium itself to make what was to follow understandable in a historical and cultural context.
After we started to enter the séance room, i took my place directly besides the seat of the medium, for i was the independent controller to hold the medium during darkness at arms and legs. 
Opposite to me Julia M. was holding also the medium, so that it was secured by us two on its chair.
This is a known convenient form of control to securely rule out any bodily involvement of the medium with the phenomena mainly happening within the sitters circle.
There is an increased stage of that control, the 'supercontrol', when one of the controllers reaches over to the other to secure the opposite controller. Doing so the medium is blocked with the body and the controllers are secure as well!
The supercontrol was several times asked for by the communicator meanwhile phenomena were occurring at different places in the circle.
Again and again the independency of the phenomena from the medium were demonstrated that evening that way!
I executed last time four years ago at my first sittings the medium control and was looking forward to again take this important seat in the circle. 

Already during the specific breathing routine of the medium to entrance itself and during the first words of the trance control HANS, the first illuminating apparitions in form of flashes and foglike, shiny greenish areas, were visible for us.
Shortly after the introduction by the spirit (.) the different 'experiments' already began that night.

It like always began with the spirit interferences with the inmidst of the sitters circle held ready instruments. The rattles and shakes were put onto a turned around bucket and additionally a shamans drum plus stick besides. The rattles right away were shaken and later thrown into the room. The shamans drum in the following of that start was beaten in the rhythm of the music and our singing.

Meanwhile the instruments were audibly handled, I held the medium in the previously described manner. It sat indeed totally quiet on its chair and every movement of him I immediately had sensed. And regardless the spectacle of the instruments happened in front of all of us!

After this first episode nearly all sitters were starting to receive touches by spirit hands, whereby these touches were described as elusive and chilly, like from a real hand basically.

Even the mediums mother who sat solely behind me in second row always having her hands on my shoulders, was after a few attempts touched at her back (!) and head (Elke is ill and was located there wanting to be able to leave the seance room in the case of feeling too weak without much disturbance or without leaving an empty chair behind, but she stayed til the end).

That was uncommon in so far that she sat in second row and the spirit had remarked that the phenomena were only to happen within the circle dependent on the alleged energy field covering the free space of the circle.
I wasn't receiving any touches, because the controllers were wanted to focus solely onto the mediums control (and security) and not to become distracted!  

Secondly shiny balls on a plate, then put onto the bucket opposite in the circle, were wanted to be moved. Nearly immediately they started to roll around there and were thrown from it in the end!
A female sitter claimed she was parallely permanently being touched at her leg!

When no more balls were rolling we all were wanted to step in front of the cabinet. Therefore the red light was lit to orient and position in front of the medium. Immediately small crystals were starting to fall from all heads orifices. Alone three relatively big ones were coming from under the right lower eyelid. According to this first a big bulge under the eye became visible and shortly after the stones appeared from the eyes! But not enough with this, the medium stood up from his chair, visible and in red light, moved to a sitter and materialised a big, white so called Activation Stone from his bare hands into the hand of this lady. This was accompanied with a glaring light coming with the object from the mediums hands...!

Some of the evenings materialized stones...
Immediately afterwards the 'flying handkerchief'-experiment was focused onto! Like in previous instances sitters were asked to hold the shiny (illuminated pieces of tape all over it!) hanky into the sitters circle, where it then was grasped for by the spirits and transported through the room. 
After a starting the experiment was successful and the hanky was seen taken from the one sitters hands all over to another sitter. It looked as if freely floating over to the other side in the dark...! 

Surprisingly after the transport a materialization of a hand was shown to the sitters.
The medium returned from the cabinet sitting openly in it. Suddenly a blueish flash of light was visible and illuminated the medium sitting in its chair. This strange blueish light should stay the only light illuminating the following. Again and again it flashed and with every flash something more of an ectoplasmic apparition became visible. It started with a white, clothlike heap of 'ectoplasm' on the head of the medium. This heap unfolded now with every new flash of light a little bit more showing first single fingers, then a whole hand and finally a whole arm with the complete appendages and extremeties of a hand was visible. 
(.)Such an extraordinary observation we could make already a year earlier. The blueish flashes came in faster and faster sequence, in a way you could observe the genesis of the apparition in its different stages very well! In the end the ectoplasmic build reached from the head of the medium down to his lap.

In the first sequences of the blueish flashes of light fingers started to appear...

The hand then 'grew' down more and more...
In the end the ectoplasmic apparition reached down into the lap area...
The next experiment was already announced beforehand and was now to be executed: the freely flying trumpet!
Therefore the medium held the trumpet first into the room and wagged with it, as if it wanted to lure the spirits from the darkness to come and grasp for it. We were just starting to sing. But they didn't and the spirit announced the trumpet to be thrown simply into the circle. We saw the illuminated trumpet thrown actually through the whole room onto the floor opposite from the medium and the farthest from him. 
The medium overgave itself into the holding control. 
In the following we were several times counting down, waiting, but the trumpet didn't move.
Then the trumpet was taken from the floor and started 'to fly' with great speed through the room. 
Thereby it drew circles above our heads, stopped and floated in front of some sitters and tapped on forehead and shoulders of others. The phenomenon kept on going that way for a few minutes with steady power output. Meanwhile not a sound or a rustle was being heard when the music was turned quiet, what absolutely must have been the case if any human agency would have transported the trumpet through the room that way. 
I myself controlled the medium when that all occurred, first with the normal holding control, later with the super-control as well, holding Julia at the same time!
The medium sat quietly, motionlessly on his chair, he didn't move at all!

 After this final experiment the 'red light' section of the evening started, in which commonly ectoplasm in different forms and expressions is being exhibited.
 Already days before the séance I had expressed the wish (not to the medium) to be myself privileged to see faces generate in the mass with own eyes. It is a well known spiritistic phenomenon depicted on many historical photographs of gone séances of the past.
Oftentimes deceased relatives it is told are showing themselves then to the present guests of the evening. Such appearances specifically in the survivalistical english form of spiritualism are seen as proof of survival. That evening my wishes should become fulfilled!

Before it started first the ectoplasm had to be brought forward. A process, 
striking in itself and intriguing to witness. For the following, every time the red light was switched on, so that we could observe the whole procedure:Under loud moaning and sounding the medium drew a gaze or veil-like cloth out of his mouth. Mutltiple armlengthes long the mass grew higher and higher towards a huge heap in front of the mediums feet.
The mass was laying, fully seperated from the medium in the end on the floor, but it wasn't anymore looking clothlike, but more like foggy! The mass was looking totally weightless and started to move and pulsate. When the lights were switched off inbetween again blueish flashlike illuminations appeared around the medium. Several times the blueish flash appeared above the mass, so that it became visible in the dark for a break of a second.
When after a few seconds it stayed dark after the blueish flashes the red light was switched on again.
In the mass on the floor now something was moving. Inside of the foglike Material something moved and it looked as if a small head was building up, that slightly swayed from left to right...!

Now Hans announced three personalities inside the ectoplasm. And after another short darkness the mass now was like erecting from the floor to the mediums chest, where it broadly layed and reached from the hips up to the shoulders.

Moreover the look again had changed at this stage. Now it looked like drawn spiderwebs. At some locations it was thick and bulging, dense, meanwhile at other locations it was half transparent, gauze-like, thready, fibrous and sticky. On the chest in the meantime three large grey dark spots had become visible.  

From my position i could not see any of the three faces, even though I sat directly besides the ectoplasm. It more looked like as if a greyish matter deliquesced into a kind of Rorschach like pattern inside the ectoplasm. Hans, the spirit-speaker, now asked everybody around to one by one step forward and confront with the faces. Thereby he talked about the faces already to melt away...!

artistical recreation of the three faces 
I was the last in line and to be enabled to catch a glimpse onto these mysterious faces. But because from my position i couldn't at all discern a face and because of the faces' dissolve also was announced already by Hans I was starting to make my peace not seeing nothing of any faces.

When i finally stepped in front of the mediums chest and started to fixate the right dark spot within the ectoplasm from close proximity, I became aware of the face of an infant. It first looked like an old photography in the style of the twenties in 19 hundreds. The face stared directly at me and suddenly it seemed as if it was moving and starting to strangely become fulfilled with life. The image was so real detailed, that i could even see single hairs from its haircut fall into its face and the pattern of her iris in the eyes of that child. It was carefully smiling around its lips and was directly going into a mutual intercommunication of glimpses with me.

This amazing face was like perfectly painted or even modernly printed onto underlying cloth and framed by thicker gauze or worked into the gauzelike material. It looked at times like an oval piece of cloth and its material was so fine also in appearance to the rest of the ectoplasmic material, that even looked rightout rough in parts. The outer border of the 6 cm image was bulging. 

Altogether i could look at it between 5 and 10 seconds.

Just when I wanted to turn to the upper face I was called back to my seat and the lights went off. I could not even look once at the upper male face apparition, but I learned from later descriptions, that was unlikely my encounter a bearded man, visible to its shoulders, wearing glasses. About the female apparition I cannot say anything.

After this episode the séance was as good as closed. The ectoplasm was already after seconds and after turning the lights off and on simply totally disappeared. 

Hans talked with weaker and weaker voice the medium would suffer heavy migrane and that the séance now soon had to be finished.
After a warm goodbye the medium exited its trance and the sitting was ended. 

All left the cellar to gather upstairs with the others to discuss the together experienced...

C.D., 2017, February

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SPECTACULAR PIECE OF SÉANCEROOM PHOTOGRAPHY MADE AVAILABLE - Franek Kluskis Full Form Materialization of a German Soldier in Uniform

Gustave Geley,  1868-1924, on whose observations and writings the most information we have about the medium Franek Kluski is based upon...
When Zophia Weaver 2016 published her small booklet about the astounding Polish Physical Medium Franek Kluski, those of us knowing the historical German and French publishings about him - and the english translations of them - were eager to read what Zophia, as a woman of the same nationality, might have in charge for us. We knew she had access to the original polish publications about Franek, and it was expected she would come up with something new from her approach. 

Weavers approx. 120 pages booklet about Franek Kluski
 Because like with for example Indridi Indridason, the international mostly english or german speaking researchers always were massively slowed down in their explorative attempts by the existing language barrier! And Polish was and is as a language as inaccessible as it was and is icelandic. 

And meanwhile E.Haraldsson in his 2015 publishing 'THE ICELANDIC PHYSICAL MEDIUM' revealed surprising new information about Indridi only icelandic speaking researchers had over decades access to, Weaver actually did not so. 
Considering that the mainly in German and French published contents about Kluski were not too exhaustive, and were mainly referring to Geleys 1927 publication 'Clairvoyance and Materialisation' and reporting about Kluski based on experiments with him in Warsaw and Paris, many had somehow expected more from the Weaver book. 
It's a thorough personal analysis, but nothing new!

Meanwhile in regards to Indridi we learned with the todays publication some important facts that were - obviously purposefully - controlled and withheld for nearly a century by those who spoke the language and had access to the historical minutebooks, in regards to Weavers todays Kluski-publication she not even took the chance to publish some photos only rarely seen from the 1926 rare polish original publication by Colonel Okolowicz, 'Wspomnienia Z Seansòw Z Medjum Frankiem Kluskim'. 
The original Polish work of Colonel Okolowicz, who was Kluskis protector and circle leader...

Kluski, who was a bank-institute employée and poet, an intellectual, was well known for a lot of amazing mediumistical phenomena - from his luminous fogs and phantom-faces, over to materialized predators like lions and falcons (photographed) or the 'picanthropus', a 'Neanderthal'-like hairy ape-like entity that smelled like a wet dog and 'licked the hands and faces of the present lady sitters', who squealed in mystified amazement, to Full Materializations in different stages. Moreover wax-moulds of hands and feet were achieved meanwhile the medium sat stationary on its seat within the circle.
Kluski was controlled through sitters sitting left and right from him and holding his hands.
Building stages of Kluski-phantoms, as published in the Polish Okolowicz book (scanned and taken from Nautilus Website...)!
In high frequence phantoms did materialize and illuminated themselves with flourescent plates or were self-illuminated and shone in the dark. 
They appeared either opposite from him outside of the circle or behind him outside of the circle. Very rarely they appeared inside of the circle. 
More building up Materializations from the Polish publication
Most of the phenomena did occur regularly and so did the phantoms and Geleys photos showed them seemingly in different building stages.
Three times the seemingly fully materialized spirit forms were managed to be photographed: A strange oriental figure with turban, dressed in white and wearing a beard (the plate was damaged and the figure is hardly visible), the Picanthropus, who appeared quite differently on the photographic plate as it was perceived and described - and a regular visitor, a german soldier in classical WW I-uniform with helmet.
Kluski handmolds as presented by Okolowicz
Other spirit visitors appeared as well, some of them also regularly like an old toothless woman. Sometimes the materializations had first a strong resemblance with the mediums face and developed more own characteristics over the sometimes up to three stages a séance evening was built of. The phenomena began mostly immediately when a low red lights lamp was switching off by itself or unknown means and mostly with luminous fogs around the medium that later seperated and started to form these more dense figures. Flickering lights, mostly in the same color like the flourescent plates or plaques, turned out to be living eyes when they approached the sitters.
The Sitters order during the sittings in Warsaw. Compare Okolowicz drawing with Geleys below...
We very much recommend Geleys book mentioned above or his 1922 edition 'Materialization experiments with Franek Kluski' to learn more about his intriguing mediumship!

The German soldiers photo however was in the following of its taking many times mentioned but rarely - or better 'never' - actually reprinted unlike many others from Geleys 1927 french and german edition, that very regularly showed up.

The photograph of the German WWI soldier is a spectacular piece of séance room photography and it is thus even more unexplainable why it was never shown in reports about the Kluski mediumship in periodicals of the time!

Like we did before in the field of séanceroom-photography we today make the photo accessible to a wider english-speaking audience and hope it achieves to satisfy the reader to look at and study it as it did satisfy us. 
Rarely published image taken in Warsaw of one of the regular spirit visitors, a German Soldier, who always appeared in full uniform and was taken here by means of a magnesium flashlight...
Most likely a second plate with a larger frame. Interesting to note is that Kluski appears to wear a full beard in the meantime, but that could be a false impression, triggered by shadow around his chin. The soldier instead seems to have taken his left arm up or something lays over his shoulder, reminding of the material the 'Picanthropus' (see below) was surprisingly photographed with...!
German Soldier Spirit Materialization as presented in Okolowicz book and scanned by Nautilus website
Additionally we publish here the other images from Okolowicz 1926 edition (full pages-scans from and scanned by the polish Nautilus website), as we do publish all the images from an original 1927 Geley antiquarian edition of 'Hellsehen und Teleplastik' ('Clairvoyance and Materialisation'/edited high-res scans).
Last image that not appeared in Geleys book and show a thick thread seemingly coming from Kluskis hand operating some kind of focus object or mechanism!
In the following we present the images from the German edition 'Hellsehen und Teleplastik' from the antiquarian library of K.M..We even repeat to show those that were depicted above because of a slightly better image quality!
The experimental rooms condition depicted by Geley. It was Kluskis own Appartement in Warsaw. At this point it is necessary to underline that Kluski was giving séances in Paris at the 'Institute Metapsychique' as well with more or less the same results...!
The phantoms in different building stages and complex enwrappings...!
The infamous 'Picanthropus', the Lady-licker (hands and faces), sensed manually and olfactorily as a hairy ape-man, on the photo made of him the above figure showed up... the two rabbit-ear like, same colored, oval forms above the Materialization are plates in the background
Another regular was the turbaned entity photographed here as well standing behind the medium with still visible peculiar features. For unknown reasons the photo plate 'was destroyed'. No further information about that considerable occurrence is being given...!
Kluski was well known for his animal and animal-like ('Picanthropus') Materializations. Meanwhile the photographed 'Picanthropus' leaves us a bit mystified, on this photo the animal Materialization is clearly visible. Another animal Materialization was a 'Lion', that allegedly had massively intimidated the present sitters during its appearance...!
Geley published the wax-molds taken with Kluski as well. They took the longest time to be completed in lowest red light in comparison with all other Kluski phenomena, that more or less instantly started to appear after the séance had started...!

We hope you enjoyed our excursion into historical European Mainlands Physical Mediumship with this outstanding example of a physical, resp. Materialization Medium of its time!


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SÉANCE - Spiritualist Ritual and the search for Ectoplasm - Shannon Taggart publishes compelling work of art!

As author Mitch Horowitz says about professional photographer Shannon Taggart, there are with every generation only a few true seekers and artists who feel and comprehend their work as something like a true calling.
Shannon Taggart is definitely one of them!
It is modern day spiritualisms most mystifying apparitions that still occur in a relyable historical regularity since the early days of photography. 
By them Shannon is fascinated, beginning early childhood and turning into a professional passion today, as a photographer.

And in 'ectoplasm' the mystery of Spiritualism somehow culminates - sometimes in hard to understand and to accept undecipherable codings, but that even strengthens its attraction.

For example for those from a parapsychological background, but the performance of the mysterious sometimes even resembles forms of modern art!

So it's no wonder that the paranormal does and always did interest the art-scene also and Shannon Taggarts new book does close the circle exactly at that point.


The reader of her book covers with her the 16 years of photography and spans the geographical locations her story and travels took her to. The reader gets plunged into the hazy red light atmospheres of the séance-rooms of Lilydale and other places, meets strange people and is page by page confronted with the unspeakable - that shows up either open in front of her lense or is exposed in photographic techniques that represent Shannons own art!
So it is not the discussion about evidentiality fueling the attraction, but the artistically presented para-realism of the 'substantivity' of the occult within our actual reality. 

One of Shannons images we are presenting here exclusively is showing the American medium Susan Barnes at Lilydale, the oldest spiritualistic community in the States, during a presentation of the rare 'transfiguration' phenomenon.
In red light the face of an entranced medium deforms in so far, that other faces start to appear. Typically these are the faces of the deceased! 
In Shannons book we are presented a whole set of photographs showing Susan Barnes different changes in appearance, strongly resembling photographs of the only few protagonists in history who were seemingly able to demonstrate actual facial changes. 
True transfiguration describes changes in the physiognomy of the mediums face to become another literally!

To validate objectivity photography always was the chosen medium for those investigating the paranormal!
So let's see what Shannons camera was able to make from the moment of Susan Barnes transfiguration! Obviously a lot: we see in our exclusive image Susan exactly in one of the moments the strange transfigurative process is taking place and the image reveals the unexplainable in front of our eyes! 
Medium Susan Barnes face 'breaks' open to expose another smaller face. Taken by Shannon Taggart under séance-room conditions 2016 in Lilydale, New York.
 A different second face is actually appearing on the image, not exactly besides hers, not exactly overlapping, but in an even more mystifying form. It is smaller than the mediums and comes from a totally different angle, what cannot be explained with the longer exposure time of that image. In that case the mediums face simply would appear a second time on the image and look into another direction and a blurred section would be inbetween.
To get the above result by a planned moving of the body within the exposure time frame, the medium must have strongly changed her whole position and comparing the different eye-sizes she must have stood up or slided with the chair in a completely new position a good deal farer from the camera than she was at the beginning. I guess we can exclude that such things have taken place during the session. That would have caused total blurring and not what we see here! We see only a minimum blurring on the photo at all! 
The face moreover does not necessarily resemble the mediums face but from a photographic standpoint the real phenomenal momentum caught by camera is the borderline section between both faces.
Because here we have no blurring at all!
It more looks as if the original face would somehow 'break open' to expose the smaller one. 
This effect is rather strange. 
We are privileged here to look at a genuine phenomenon of some sort, somewhere located between Susan Barnes face and Shannon Taggart photography. 

Look at these rich and interesting pages we are sharing here from the book! A clear recommendation from our side!


Moreover there are compelling pledge options, if you are amongst the first 100 buyers, including readings, Fox Sisters grave rubbings and archival photo prints.  Every person who purchases the book during this pre-sale will have their name listed inside as a patron.

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Witness account, Sitter No.3: 'The spirit stands to the left, a bit behind the medium and is embracing the medium. Embracing it from behind, over the mediums shoulders. The spirit-form was fully in motion, the white material also like pulsed...!'

Experimental Result after different stages of upbuilding demonstrated to 25 observers at the BPV, Basle, Switzerland, the 17th of March 2017
 These are first extracts from incoming witness accounts describing a Materialization-Experiment at the Basle PSI Association, the 17th of March 2017.

In front of more than two dozens observers a spirit form materialized and de-materialized gradually in different display stages...
But because the camera failed to capture the most of it, we have asked for some comments of attendees from that night!
Material extruded from mediums mouth in massive quantities...
One of the early and upbuilding stages is referred to in Witness Account, Sitter No. 1: 'At that time the medium has its arms outstretched, holding wide open the cabinet...One time it (the materialized spirit) was behind the medium and embraces him, holding him with arms over his chest and resting its head on the mediums shoulder...

One of the closest seated sitters adds in Witness Account, Sitter No. 2: 'Its hair was like curly and also it appeared a kind of grey to me...'

Unfortunately the camera had a malfunction and so many photos are unfocussed...
Lucky enough we were to get at least this sharp image of the huge female looking figure looking 'down' at us...
Sitters left and right look up to the divine creature, the delicate majestic spirit phantom

 The most complete state of the Materialization describes - among others - Witness Account, Sitter No. 4: 'The phantom now stands in front of the medium, a huge and slim very well visible female-human being, fully enwrapped in white linen-like ectoplasmic spirit cloth. Perfectly built and very naturally looking, also her eyes section fixating us all...'

Then we find in Witness Account, Sitter 1: 'Another time i focussed onto the floor, the ectoplasmic garment was a third of a foot above the floor. The phantom was floating...!'
Gradually less and less ectoplasm is shown reducting around the medium. The mass in front of his belly was the last opening before everything was completely gone

The building down is remarked in Witness Account, Sitter No.3, saying:'In two contrary steps the dismounting of the ectoplasm is being shown...
In front of the belly the last small quantities of ectoplasm reducting.
The medium steps out of the cabinet held open and shows there is nothing left of the white masses'
Medium exits the cabinet showing its totally empty interior after the complete disappearance of the spirit cloth...

Before it all started with the Materialization sitters were receiving gifts from the spirit world. The massive 'Sunstone' appeared from a light inbetween the outstretched mediums hand in 40 W red light and fell rumbling to the floor. Altogether 71 gemstones were produced mainly from mouth inmidst speaking, meanwhile some fell in the dark everytime the spirit control for conversation returned after an alleged retreat from the scene...

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Eventually we can share with you some hard facts about the FLOW Circles Activities, and they do come in visual form. A video clip reporting some events and showing the strange apportation ability of Deep Trance Medium Albert.
The only drop of bitterness is the strict anonymity Albert has to uphold, because of his high ranked job in German finance.
Anyway we will keep you posting with news and recordings from the circle, because Albert, besides he has some kind of natural trance ability was coming as a scholar for years from the South of Germany to Hanau and trained the guidelines of the Felix Circles school, so to speak.
So we are particularly proud about the development.
We believe it is not a coincidence that his first phenomena very much resemble those of the Felix Circle Medium: Raps, Levitation, Trance, Apportation and finally...Ectoplasm!
And particularly happy we are about the fact, that it is Albert, an absolutely unquestionable character in his sixties already!

Stewart Alexander writes in his book that even though there might have been minor phenomena from the start, from another point in time onwards it was as if a knot had bursted, a floodgate opened and phenomena were starting to build quickly and show strength and stability, unprecedented.
With the Felix Circle Medium it was happening as well that way.
And Albert and his FLOW circle seemed to have reached that point in time at this very moment!

So now we wanna wish you some amazing moments watching Albert producing something of a size and nature that does not at all match with the natural environment it is coming from.


The Editor

Dienstag, 14. März 2017

TWO PRIVATE SÉANCES AT MY HOME WITH K.M. - PART TWO - Independent Report by Healing Practitioner and Information Scientist Ute S.


(Author Ute Sautter, born 1959, is one of these rare truely gifted mediums and professional practitioners in the field of the etheric. Already trained as a professional dowser 1994, the information- and computer scientist became a professional healing practitioner with several trainings starting 2000. She published together with Dr. H.Wiesendanger, a renowned holistic scientist and healer in the german-speaking environment. From early years on she always received extra-sensoric information and became also a scholar at the Arthur Findlay College to complete her skills with additional trainings in Germany.
She is today herself a well-known professional healer, working medium and animal communicator in a successful own practice in the south of Germany. She is a gifted trance-speaker and active in Physical Mediumship for several years. She has early involvement in the Felix Circles work and visits circle, members and medium K.M. for years. Frequently she invites and holds private séances with the Felix Circles Medium in her own rooms in M.)  

Saturday exclusively K.M.'s experienced sitters here in M., were present, who all had sat multiple times before in his séances. 
That evening I myself served as the medium-controller, holding and securing him on his chair during darkness phenomena. On the mediums other side his wife supports my control duties holding him as well. 

Already at the beginning bright lights were discharging, from inside the cabinet and in front of it.
After the medium had sunken in his deep trance completely, 'Hans', the trance- or 'spirit'-control was friendly greeting the sitters. 
Witnessing the most early phenomena, 'Hans' again claimed spirit children were present, who activated the distant musical instruments in the focus-area on the other side of the circle.  
Something uncommon was happening when i secured the medium on its chair this time, suddenly he wanted his wife Julia to let him go and meanwhile in the focus area 7 feet distant from the medium was high spirit-activity, the medium completely turned towards me and I held and secured both arms and legs between mine. His wife instead overgave her hands and feet to her neighbour. 

The holding control measures basicly, and specifically their variations, already exercised the night before also, are showing repeatedly and unmisunderstandably Kais full independency from the phenomena. 
The rest of the nights control schemes though were the regular ones - medium held from both sides. 

'Hans' early announced an extraordinary object to be materialized for Julia, mediums wife. She had birthday next day and it was called to be an appreciation of thankfulness and empathy by the spirit team!
The medium sat at that point in time in front of the cabinet and in low red light it shook repeatedly its hands (he wore a t-shirt, bare arms). 

It was obviously a very exhausting process. Again and again it stretched out its hands and suddenly with a flash of light and a well audible rumble a huge stone fell from them onto the floor.
Examining it, it turned out to be a wonderful, mossgreen Center-Stone.
The color is totally extraordinary and as a birthday present from the spirits, who appreciate all her hard work for them, what a true blessing.

Picture: Julias massive and heavy center stone for her untiring work for the spirit realms

Hans kept on talking about - another - apport to happen, claiming it to be very old and rare! A heavy glass-like artifact, allegedly manufactured in the 13th century by a group of very wise adepts in a Laboratory in Bamberg, a Bajuvarian town. Eleven pieces of them the spirit communicator claimed were originally be created, but only seven of them were still active today

A stone that cannot be simply substituted - when broken - by another. A sensitive sacred object: the'Blood-Stone' (an Activation Stone also, but a specific rare edition).
By no means it is called bloodstone because of its ruby-red color, but because 'it is connecting the souls like blood would do with organs'!
The stone has the power truely 'to influence Karma', channels 'powerful energies' and has the ability 'to enhance spirutal healing powers when hung under the ceiling' above the treatment zone I was told.

With a light coming from under the rooms ceiling a huge ruby-red stone appeared on the floor. Julia overgave it to me!

In connection with this, Hans layed out how 'they' overcome distances when apporting within the three-dimensional time-space. He used a landmap with two distant locations marked on it to explain. The fastest way to get from one spot to another is to fold the map, put both marked locations directly above one another and pinch a needle through. 'We are folding time space', he said! How interesting!!

Picture: The ruby red 'Bloodstone' and the objects from the mediums eyes plus another clear 'Activation Stone' found beneath the curtains cloth afterwards. 

During Hans' talk objects pattered onto the floor and a lot of objects came from mouth and eyes of the medium. They were a lot of small cut multicolored stones and metallic crosses also

After that curtains were closed. The medium had retreated into the cabinet. 'Hans' remarked, after it did not work to create distant handforms last time, they would start another try closer to the medium. 
After a few seconds the medium exited the cabinet and fired outbursts of light again and again onto itself, coming from its hands. This enabled us to identify a slender hand sitting on the mediums head having a porcelain like look with  a classical sleeve like cloth around its wrist coming from out of the dark behind him...!  Not everybody could see that quite well but i could. The hand moved down from his upper hand to his forehead. Accompanied by these strange blueish outbursts of light coming from the mediums hand until everybody had eventually identified what they were looking at...!
Absolutely astonishing!
The hand was looking strangely well formed and smooth, not like the oftentimes malformed hands we encountered usually. 
The curtains closed and 'Hans' announced spirit visitors to come. One of them allegedly coming purposefully for me!?

Picture: The both main objects together...!

He said that ectoplasm was to be extruded and the curtains opened again: On the mediums chest was a white mass visible and the medium drew and pulled its fibrous appearance permanently. Doing so the images of 3 humans started to appear!

Very delighted I became aware of my spirit guide 'Red Cloud' above the other two human heads, ready to show up for me that particular evening!
There was another woman and another man visible too, who came for somebody else in the room.
Very likely the male one was a female sitters father and about the woman i haven't heard about from visitors present that evening...!

After this extremely impressing finale the séance came to an end. Everybody was fascinated and deeply impressed!
We want to express our gratitude to the medium K. and his wife J. and to all the spirits behind them having made that evening possible!


Freitag, 10. März 2017

TWO PRIVATE SÉANCES AT MY HOME WITH K.M. - PART ONE - Independent Report by Healing Practitioner and Information Scientist Ute S.

(Author Ute Sautter, born 1959, is one of these rare truely gifted mediums and professional practitioners in the field of the etheric. Already trained as a professional dowser 1994, the information and computer scientist became a professional healing practitioner with several trainings starting 2000. She published together with Dr. H.Wiesendanger, a renowned holistic scientist and healer in the german-speaking environment. From early years on she always received extra-sensoric information and became also a scholar at the Arthur Findlay College to complete her skills with additional trainings in Germany.
She is today herself a well-known professional healer, working medium and animal communicator in a successful own practice in the south of Germany. She is a gifted trance-speaker and active in Physical Mediumship for several years. She has early involvement in the Felix Circles work and visits circle, members and medium K.M. for years. Frequently she invites and holds private séances with the Felix Circles Medium in her own rooms in M.) 

Information Scientist, Medium and Healer Ute Sautter, gifted and professional in both worlds


Here comes the report of the Private Séances held 18/19th of February 2017, for guests of mine in M., by Mr. K.M.. 
K. is the deep trance medium, the Physical Medium, of the German Felix Circle
He was demonstrating mediumship and spirit interaction Friday and Saturday night. 
Friday more than the half of the sitters were totally new to such processes resp. to physical spirit phenomena generally. 
Saturday only sitters with extensive experience in sitting for K. were present. 

Friday, 18th of February, 2017


My husband is the independent controller holding the medium at arms and legs together with his wife in front of the cabinet. 
Already early the first lights start to appear in front of it.
The spirit 'Hans' greets the sitters. 
They are eagerly singing and a multitude of touches are experienced. 

A little spirit visitor is introduced by the spirit control 'Hans' through the controlled and held medium, and we hear its lumbering steps on the floor. Shortly later the turned around bucket is being drummed on by him, the rattle is being thrown and then pushed by the little spirit boy over the floor! We clearly hear tiny naked feet on the wooden floor and 'Hans' remarks jokingly he shouldn't get a cold that way and starts laughing his overwhelming 'Hohoho'. 
After the spirit had gone the illuminated balls-experiment is executed and the glowing balls are clearly manipulated by the 'spirit-energies' in an unreachable distance from the fast held medium. 

Following, the shiny plaque is focus of the next experiment. Unfortunately this time no handform does appear as it should. 'Hans', the spirit control is speculating about the new sitters unprepared energy fields to be responsible therefore. A new form of control was installed also. Frequently during the séance the holding-controllers of the medium report the state of their duty to the rest of the sitters. 


Somewhen that evening Julia was leaning over the medium and gave her both hands and Kais she held into my husbands hands. Usually it is the other was around and the independent holder leans over to Julia and checks her control measures executed at the mediums body. 
Afterwards different apport phenomena were going on. A sitter was getting a buddha-medallion materialized, into her cup-forming hands from a flash of light under the mediums hands. 
Another sitter was asked to sit right opposite to the medium and after checking K.s bare hands, they were held up high for everybody to see and into the sitters lower held cup-formed hands an apport materialized falling down from above as well.
With a shiny bright light it was a Ganesha figurine falling down. 
All these objects are, following the spirit control for sitter conversation 'Hans', imprinted with specific information and energies for the chosen receiver, helping and supporting him in his goals.  
One more apport phenomena was actually happening. This time introduced by a bright light coming from under the rooms ceiling.
It left behind two clear Activation Stones in front of some sitters feet. 
Materialized Objects from the spirit controls


It is vitally important to clearly state, that the medium was always in a controlled condition! 
Specificly meanwhile spirit powers are active in the room, the spirit itself asks for tightening the controls of the medium Kai and his wife repeatedly and untiredly.
Then it came to another 'Clear Activation Stone'-apport, also facilitated with a blinding light through a mediums hand into the hands of a sitter. (For red light episodes like this the medium is allowed to stand up after having been released from the holding, editor)
Then another classic was announced. The spirit control asked mediums wife to make ready the glowing-in-the-dark handkerchief. Hans then requested to overhand it to a specific sitter somewhere in the darkness of the room.
This lady-sitter was holding the hanky then at its corner and early spirit-forces were tearing around at the piece of cloth. The lady held it fast and strong and it danced underneath her hand a wild dance. When the energies had buillt up and were capeable obviously to overtake it, she let go and it started to float over to the other side of the circle and landed there on the knee of an opposite seated lady.


We moved towards the end of this intensive evening.
Spiritcontrol 'Hans' announced the 'secretion' of ectoplasm now through the mediums body.
Under a low red light all sitter could observe, how the medium gathered the strange mass from its mouth. A huge amount of ectoplasm, looking like a thick, white, fibrous strand, exited more and more the medium. Eventually it seperated from its host and layed as a huge white mass in front of the mediums feet. Soon it started to pulsate´, to 'breath' and a hand-like form was building from it. The form became more and more clearly identifyable, it gained more and more ectoplasmic completion.

But because everything seemed quite exhausting for the medium today, the end of this quite adventureous evening was announced by 'Hans'.

And even though several first timers were present (and the spirits usually act reluctantly), the old-timers considered the evening extremely interesting.


(stay tuned for the report about the second séance specifically for experienced sitters - in how far have there been differences, if at all?)